Bright Spark

A bouquet of lillies, gerberas and foliage, for any reason, or none at all!

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A hand tied bouquet including roses, lillies, gerberas and foliage.

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Gerbera Bouquet

A bouquet with gerberas, roses and foliage.

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Mixed Bouquet

A bouquet of mixed seasonal flowers.

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Starting from $50.00

Native Bouquet

A hand tied Australian native bouquet.

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Oriental Lilly Bouquet

Large pink or white oriental lillies and spear grass, wrapped in lotus leaves and dodder vine.

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Simple Asiatic Lilly Bouquet

Choose from a selection of 5 stems or 10 stems.

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Starting from $35.00

Simple Asiatic Lilly and Singapore Orchids Bouquet

Choose from a 5 lilly and 5 orchid bouquet or a 10 lilly and 10 orchid bouquet.

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Starting from $45.00
Simple Gerbera Bouquet

A simple 10 stem bouquet of gerberas.

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A bouquet of different colour gerberas to brighten someone's day.

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Rose Bouquet

Long Stem Rose and foliage bouquet beautifully wrapped.

Red Roses
6 - $55.00
12 - $100.00
24 - $190.00

Coloured Roses
6 - $47.00
12 - $85.00
24 - $160.00

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Starting from

Roses and Lillies

A bouquet of cut flowers including roses and lillies.

Colour combination - your choice!

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A posy of assorted flowers and foliage.

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A modern style bouquet consisting of lillies, gerberas, orchids and large striking leaves.

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That's a Wrap

A modern natural wrapped bouquet of seasonal flowers (florist's choice or your preference).

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